Utility Billing Transition to WASD

The City will be transitioning the billing portion of Utility Billing to Miami-Date Water and Sewer (WASD). Below are answers to some most commonly asked questions:

1) When will the Opa-locka utility billing transition to Miami-Dade County?

Within 90 days.

2) Will I receive bills from Opa-locka and Miami-Dade?

 You will receive a Statement of Account from the City of Opa-locka for 3 to 4 months of consumption. After that, you will receive a monthly bill from Miami-Dade County. Customers will not receive two bills at once.

3) Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?

You would contact the City of Opa-locka at 305-953-2868, Ext. 1308 on the Statement of Account and any other bills prior to that. Regarding the Miami-Dade County bills, you will contact the number provided on the Miami-Dade County utility bills

4) "I have contacted the City of Opa-locka’s Utility Billing Customer Service Department several times and no one has called me back"

The City has made the necessary changes to ensure that we meet the needs of the community. These changes include hiring additional qualified staff to address issues and respond to questions as a result of the transition. We expect a higher than normal volume of calls and inquiries. We are committed to assisting each customer within a 10 working day period. We will have a hotline #(786) 338-6660 and an email address (billing@opalockafl.gov) dedicated to resolving questions related to the transition. 

5) Will I have the opportunity to pay my Statement of Account from the City of Opa-locka over a period of time?

 Yes, we are recommending to the City Commission a payment plan to make it convenient for our residents and customers.  

6) Will I receive a discount if I pay my entire balance due to the City of Opa-locka?

No, not at this time.

7) Will the City begin shutting off service?

 As you may know, the City of Opa-locka has been very lenient in service disconnections due to economic conditions and billing delays. We do not anticipate the disconnection of service for customers who make a good faith effort to cooperate with the City in setting up a payment plan and abiding by it. We will work with you!

8) Where can I pay my bill once the transition is made to Miami-Dade County?  

Miami-Dade will open a Customer Service Center at Opa-locka’s City Hall Cashier, 780 Fisherman Street, where you can open accounts, pay your property tax bill, parking and moving violations and other County related bills. Other convenient methods of payment include:

 Pay on-line at http://www.miamidade.gov/water/pay-bill.asp 

 Pay By Phone: 1-800-510-0880

 Miami-Dade County Service Centers – Detail addresses below

9) Will I need to make an additional water and sewer deposit to Miami-Dade County?  

 No, only new customers who open accounts once Miami-Dade County has taken over billing will have to pay a new account deposit.

10) What will happen to my current deposit with the City of Opa-locka?  

 Your deposit is intact with the City and will be refunded to you or credited to your account upon account closure.

11) Where will I go to open, close or make changes to my account? 

 You can continue to go to Opa-locka’s City Hall and any one of the following places once Miami-Dade County begins billing.

12) Who will be handling water and sewer related emergencies once the billing transitions to Miami Dade County?  

 The City of Opa-locka and Miami-Dade County.

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