Building & Licenses

Department Functions

The Building and Licensing Department issues:

  • Occupational licenses
  • Building, electrical, mechanical, roofing, and plumbing permits
  • Certificates of occupancy

In addition, the department enforces building and zoning codes in accordance with local City Codes and the State of Florida Building Codes. This is done to protect the health, welfare, and safety of the citizens of the city.


The department is responsible for:

  • Providing effective and efficient review and enforcement of the City Codes, Florida building and zoning codes, and county land development regulations
  • Reviewing building / land development applications to ensure consistency with the Comprehensive Plan
  • Providing inspections to ensure compliance with the occupational license ordinance
  • Providing inspections of building construction activity for compliance with codes.
  • Reviewing building plans
  • Issuing permits and certificates of occupancy
  • Issuing notices to owners of 40-year-old buildings to comply with the structural and electrical inspection for building recertification
  • Reviewing consultants’ reports for 40-year-old building recertification
  • Providing efficient, customer-focused services to citizens