Violations to Avoid

Common Code Violations

These violations are the most common in our area. Residents should avoid:

  • Overgrown vegetation and trees
  • Excessive growth of weeds
  • Deficiency in the maintenance of bushes, dead plants, or trees
  • Overgrown hedges in the yard or property
  • Accumulation or storage of junk, debris, or trash on property
  • Having expired license plates on vehicles located on your property
  • Operating an unlicensed business from your residence
  • Operating an auto mechanic shop out of your house
  • Storing junk vehicles in front of your property
  • Storing boats in the front building line of the house
  • Having property infested by rodents, vermin, or wild animals
  • Unsanitary conditions and foul odor emerging from your property
  • Any possession, breeding, and maintaining of domestic fowl / livestock in the City
  • Garbage / trash and yard waste on property
  • Unsightly residential building / structure
  • Dismantled vehicles / machinery on your residential property and City property

For more information on avoiding common code violations, contact Code Enforcement at (305) 953-2868 ext. 1510.