The Purchasing Department is governed by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Code of Ethics, and the City maintains a strict policy prohibiting employees from accepting gifts and/or gratuities from any vendor / business or potential vendor / business. Vendors / businesses are requested to cooperate by not making offers of gifts and/or gratuities to employees.

The City upholds its commitment to ensure that the community we contract with reflects the community we serve. We do this by cultivating opportunities for business in an atmosphere that is creative, legal, and fair.

Cone of Silence

Pursuant to subsection (t) "Cone of Silence," of Section 2-11.1 "Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance" of Miami-Dade County, a cone of silence is imposed concerning the City’s competitive purchasing process, which generally prohibits bidders communicating with staff or elected officials concerning the specific ITB / RFP until such time as the city manager makes a written recommendation concerning the competitive purchase transaction. The statement fully disclosing the requirements of the cone of silence is detailed in every solicitation document.

For more information on our purchasing policies, contact the Purchasing Department at (305) 953-2868 ext. 1307.