Planning & Community Development

About Community Development

The Department Planning and Community Development is the central synergist of growth for the City of Opa-Locka. Its mission is to build sustainable communities that are safe, inclusive, and well-organized, and that offer a quality of life that is good for all.


The overall mission of the Department of Planning and Community Development is to concentrate on smart growth planning and revitalization, while preserving the City’s character, neighborhoods, and natural environment.

To reach its goals, the department is implementing a comprehensive economic development and neighborhood strategy which values long-range considerations for sustainability over a short-term period.

In addition to building livable neighborhoods, our planning and community development goals are to:

  • Achieve a unique sense of community
  • Converge transportation connectivity, employment, and housing choices
  • Promote balanced development
  • Preserve and enhance natural and cultural resources
  • Promote public health

Community Development Update

Please contact our office concerning the new Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP) and Land Development Regulations (LDR).