About Us

The Building Department is responsible for the efficient and effective supervision of construction activities within the city limits to assure compliance with the Florida Building Code.

The purpose of this code is to provide certain minimum standards, provisions, and requirements for safe and stable design, methods of construction, and uses of materials in buildings and/or structures hereafter erected, construction, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, converted to other uses or demolished. The code is also there to provide for the safety of workers and others during these operations and to regulate the equipment, materials, use and occupancy of all buildings and/or structures.

The provisions of this code shall be deemed to supplement any and all laws of the State of Florida relating to building.


The City of Opa-Locka Building Department represents the City’s desire to provide quality services. The department’s dedication to providing the finest service in the country requires constant implementation of innovative policies, procedures, and advanced computer technology.