The mission of Grants Management is to provide grant writing, leverage existing City resources and partnerships to secure funding that supports the City’s programs, and enhance City services and revenue. For more information, contact Grants Management at (305) 953-2868 ext. 1209.


The City’s Grants Office oversees and monitors grants and other awards received by the City (directly or passed through other entities such as the state and county) for compliance and proper execution of grant funding. Applications are submitted for grants that will enhance the services offered to residents, businesses, and visitors of the City.

Grants received by the City support the programs and services provided to the community such as community and economic development, public safety, infrastructure improvement, and social services.

Departmental Assistance

Grants Management is the office designated to assist departments with proposal / grant writing, application assembly, and monitoring financial and budgetary compliance with the grantor agency guidelines. Grants Management researches, identifies, prepares, and coordinates grants for the City of Opa-Locka.

The Grants Office also prepares and submits financial reports, assists with the preparation and submission of performance reports, and reviews and monitors compliance by the department responsible for the implementation of the grants. The Grants Office ensures that all grant reimbursements are requested and received.