What is the permit intake and processing?
Permit intake and processing involves the intake and processing from the time of building permit application to the issuance of those permits. Many of these will require sub-permits for electrical, mechanical, roofing, and gas. There are several separate functions that comprise the permitting process in the city. First, all building permit applications must be submitted in a complete form at the intake counter. Once the application is reviewed for sufficiency, it is given a process number and routed to the Zoning Department. The Zoning Department reviews the application to insure the zoning district allows the use and reviews applicable setback requirements, height restrictions, flood zone determination, and other demographic information that is used in the department’s database. Once Zoning approves the application, it is routed to the plans examination review, where it is reviewed for compliance with the Florida Building Code.

Once the plans are reviewed and approved, the plans are routed to the processing section for the permit to be finalized and issued. Finally, the approved permit is routed to the cashiers for collection of any outstanding fees. A permit will expire after six months if no inspections have been performed. If the project has been inspected, the permit will be valid for an additional six months from the inspection date. If the permit is allowed to expire without all inspections being obtained or with work partially completed, a new or reissued permit must be obtained or the partial work removed. If you need a new or reissued permit, contact the Building and Licensing Department at (305) 953-2868.

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